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Lacey Chabert was born in MS on September 30, ’82. She was named World’s Baby Petite in the World’s Our Little Scholarship Competition of 1985. She moved to Southern California in 1994 and in 2013, she married David Nehdar. She and David had their first child on September 1, 2016.

In 2001, she played Amanda Becker, also known as “The Perfect Girl,” in the spoof comedy film Not Another Teen Movie. Her character was a parody of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character in the 1998 film Can’t Hardly Wait. She and Rachel McAdams played close friends Gretchen Wieners and Regina George in the 2004 comedy Mean Girls.

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Lacey Chabert

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The photos were mostly distributed across websites. But fairness, she looked like a bag of smashed assholes last I saw of her, so I’ll hold judgement until the commercial comes out.
No argument there. Your hair looks really healthy-what are your secrets? I she doesn’t read these Lacey Chabert comments or even entertain them. To be fair, that was probably a wand sextoy, wasn’t it?

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Whether its right or not, this is the life of celebrities. I’ve never wanted to work on something that I didn’t care about because I think that shows no worth. And this is where the trolls get off: because they view the leaks as confirmation that the women these pictures are stupid. Maybe, after people saw this film, the world would make more of a focused effort to eradicate hunger and poverty around the globe by deposing those dictators and removing those politicians, who more cared about their personal wealth than they do about the people they represent.

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